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Know more about us and our way of thinking


ReDescubreT is a place for people with behavioral and emotional problems that are manifested in self-destructive attitudes and substance use, we have the moral responsibility and an experience of over 18 years with a commitment to maintain an atmosphere in which patients are motivated to detect, admit and correct these actions that are putting their lives at risk and that of the people around them, it is known that this disease detonates with a genetically acquired hypersensitivity and that in this way over time, the example and by inheritance are showing traits which are considered symptoms of an emotional illness that most cases culminate in drug addiction or addictive behaviors.


This is how we help

We have an advanced and proven personalized program where psychological approaches are fused in each and every stage of internment.

Cognitive Behavior modifies behavior through positive reinforcers and thus modifies thinking. (stimulus response).

Catharsis is used as a tool to heal the tragic and painful events for the patient during his stay. He will practice self-analysis of his personality in a group and individual way and will release fears, guilts and resentments. (Gestalt Psychotherapy).

You will find that through the practice of spiritual principles you can live with yourself, with those around you and you can conceive of a Higher Power.

Coaching for this accompaniment in your selection of the life plan, how to get it and walk with the patient in each of these stages. The insertion into the program of the 12 steps of anonymous alcoholics for outpatient treatment strengthened their need to be heard.

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family therapy (systematic)
  • Alternative therapies

Our Mision

Addictions are a phenomenon that grows day by day, a product of dysfunctional social dynamics and a tendency of young people to escape from their reality through psychoactive substances (alcohol, drugs) and / or self-destructive behaviors (bulimia, anorexia, neurosis, depression and suicide).

Our Vision

In Redescubret we have as mission to support people who have some type of addiction through multidisciplinary mechanisms that obey elemental spiritual principles as: obedience, trust, service and the norms with which an addict has to live to avoid a relapse in the use of substances and / or self-destructive behaviors.

Our Values

Our goal is to bring a message of life to people who suffer and make suffer as a result of this disease. Rehabilitation is possible by applying proven methods, based on the medical, psychological and spiritual treatment that the patient requires, in order to change his judgments and attitudes towards his own life.