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Physical effects: Marijuana damages the lungs and cells especially white blood cells and sperm. Accelerates the pulse. Lowers the defenses. Damages the throat (pharyngitis, cough). A single "touch" makes more tar in the lungs than many cigarettes, not least because smoking unfiltered (bronchitis, asthma).

Psychological effects: marijuana distorts perception spoiling sensitivity decreases memory and desire, difficulty thinking, teaming and decision making, produces anxiety and aggressiveness altering the psychic equilibrium. Makes you lose interest and motivation for the normal things (life, health) to focus on the drug and its rituals. Marijuana creates psychological dependence decreasing freedom while the affected think the opposite is true. Cause Irreversible brain damage or slow recovery It increases personal disorder and external appearance deteriorates.

Social effects: Marijuana causes family troubles, job instability, loss of skills, crime, spread of drugs, isolated in groups of drug addiction. Marijuana is the first step to stronger drugs (often just one group starts).