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Chronic alcoholics large brain, liver (cirrhosis) and cause cardiovascular disorders. He's even shown that alcohol increases the level of triglycerides and thus also the risk of a heart attack. Finally, as is widely known, alcohol causes physical addiction and psychological dependence.

It reduces life expectancy by 10-12 years. The earlier a person starts to drink large amounts of alcohol, the better their chances of developing serious diseases later.

Alcohol is a drug and people can die from overdose. This is a particular danger for teenagers who may want to impress your friends with your ability to drink alcohol but can not yet measure the effects.

Alcohol plays a major role in more than half of all motor vehicle deaths. Less than two drinks can impair driving ability.

Alcohol also increases the risk for accidental injuries resulting from many other causes. Also it causes mental and neurological disorders, gastrointestinal problems and digestive tract skin disorders, muscle and bone; infections, sexual problems, diabetes, acute respiratory distress syndrome, drug interactions, among others.